Andrew Cuomo creates fake women’s party — 8 of 10 candidates are men!


The Governor and the Cardinal — I don’t know which is which either?

So you’re New York Working Families Party (…nominal Democrat) Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and you decide that you need help with the ladies because you might underperform with them in the primary…And as we know, everything Cuomo is doing is based on the hilarious pretension that he’ll be a serious presidential candidate someday, so he must crush it this election. So what do you do?

Apparently, the answer is create a new party called the Women’s Equality Party. And wow, Cuomo is leading the ticket! Which would be okay I guess if the rest of the party’s slate was made up of women. But, uh, it’s not.

The cynicism of Cuomo’s plan to maintain his grip on the throne is rendered all the more glaring when you take a quick glance at the slate of politicians his pro-woman…

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